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Hey Everyone,
Here’s another Mix tape. In my youth I was a real metal head. We’re talking about the 80’s i must have been 14 years old when I first heard some Metal. It was such a great experience when I started making this tape cause so many good memories came back to me. I tried to do it in a chronicle order how i discovered those bands but at some point I couldn’t remember and gave up. Here are my Metal giants of the 80’s.
Mario's Intro
1 Manowar: Battla Hymns
2 Saxon: Wheels of steel
3 Iron Maiden: 22 Acacia Avenue
4 Judas Priest: Living After midnight
5 Ronnie James Dio: Holy Diver
6 Metal Church: Metal Church
7 Slayer: Black Magic
8 Mercyful Fate: Come to the sabbath
9 Kreator: Flag of hate
10 Exodus: Bonded by blood
11 Testament: Over the wall
12 Celtic Frost: Circle of the tyrants
13 Death: Leprosy
14 Slayer: Piece by piece
15 Cryptic Slaughter: Lowlife
16 Napalm Death: Scum
17 Sepultura: Inner self
18 Anthrax: Caught in a mosh
19 S.O.D. : March of the s.o.d.
20 Forbidden: Phat
21 Death Angel: Voracious souls
22 Sacred Reich: The american way
23 Obituary: Slowly we rot
Mario's Outro



Savages: Shut Up
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Run through the jungle
Huey "piano" Smith: Tu-Ber-Cu-Lucas and the sinus blues
Bob Log III: You wanna what
The Horrors: Who can say
Quincy Jones: A taste of honey
Ry Cooder and Manuel Galban: Caballo Viejo
Ray Charles: Talkin 'bout you
Bill Whiters: Kissin' my love
J.J. Cale: Call me the Breeze
PJ Harvey: The letter
The Rolling Stones: Wild horses
Black Sabbath: Fluff
Pixies: Bagboy
Rod Stewart: Cigarettes & Alcohol
Oasis: Cigarettes & Alcohol
The Pretenders: Middle of the road
Caetano Veloso: Alfomega



Cheers Mario






Here's my new Mix Tape. It's a bit longer then last time but I couldn't cut down on tracks.

Hope you enjoy it XXX 



MixTape 2:

1 Intro
2 One of these nights: The Eagles
3 Tempted: Squeeze
4 Temporary Secretary: Paul McCartney
5 Sacrilege: Yeah yeah yeahs
6 I Ran: A Flock of Seagulls
7 I Love the sound of breaking glass: Nick Lowe
8 Breakdown: Tom Petty and the heartbreakers
9 Can we still be friends: Todd Rundgren
10 Roll It: Oasis
11 Soul drums: Bernard "Pretty" Purdie
12 Little B: The Shadows
13 The girl can't dance: Bunker Hill/Link Wray
14 Look.... The sun is rising: The Flaming Lips
15 Suit & Tie: Justin Timberlake
16 Flavor pt 2: Beck remixes The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
17 Don't look around: Mountain
18 A Head Like A Flighterplane: Roza Parks
19 Let the day begin: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
20 Love, Reign o'er Me: The Who
21 Black Mold: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion


Here's my first MIX TAPE. I made this tape like I did in the old days when we were using cassette tapes to trade with friends. This was our way to discover new music.

It's a collection of old and recent stuff , see the list below which artists are in the MIX TAPE.


Hope you enjoy it.

The list of Artists:

INTRO: Mix tapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!

Neil Young and the crazy horse: Psychedelic Pill
Heart: Barracuda
The unknown Mortal orchestra: Faded in the morning
George Harrison: Give me love
Harumi: What a day for me
Tobacco feat. Beck: Fresh Hex
Roza Parks: LGM
Pink Floyd: Cymbaline
J.J. Cale: Money Talks
Stevie Nicks: Stand Back
Steve Miller Band: Jet Airliner
The Small Faces: Tin Soldier
Tame Impala: Elephant
Part Chimp: War Machine

OUTRO: Thank you Mix tapeeeeeeeeee !!!!!





Here are some remixes Jan Paternoster and I did for his band
The Black Box Revelation. It was a Bonus cd that came along with 
the " I think I like you " album.

The project was called WACKZORDS VS BBR

Mario !!!


Love in ur head back to the future Mixx Radio edit


Love in ur head Back to the future Mix


Love in your Head Super8 LA Mixx Radio edit


Love in your head Super8 LA Mixx


I Think I like you trance ur ass Mixx


Love in ur head Back to the future Mixx


Love in your head Lo-fi garage Mixx