Arty Club


Last week we played in London and finally had some time to check out TATE MODERN again.

Ruben our manager eric and myself went to see TRANSFORMED VISIONS on level 3 of TATE MODERN LONDON. 
Paintings of Asger Jorn ( letter to my son), Jackson Pollock (Yellow islands), Francis bacon (Seated figure), Jean Dubuffet (the tree of fluids).
Ruben introduced me to Mark Rothko and the story behind the paintings he painted for a restaurant in NY but eventually gave away to TATE MODERN LONDON. Great !!! 


I made some pictures but if you want to see them in better quality go to the museum or check the website and use this link :


cheers M

Hi everyone, One of my favorite artists Jean-Michel Basquiat. Check out his website it's fantastic !!! Cheers Mario